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With its accumulated experience since 1958, its employees exceeding 7000, its dynamic and experienced personnel, along with its reliable financial resources, GÜRİŞ HOLDING has made a purpose to provide quality service in all its investments. GÜRİŞ HOLDING has been one of the pioneering Representatives of Turkish Construction Sector because of its high quality services in the globalizing economy of the 21st century with the synergy it has created. GÜRİŞ HOLDING has also gained a distinguished name both at national and international level because of its effective investments in the energy sector.

BORDO ENERGY is founded within the body of GÜRİŞ HOLDING with the approach of providing high quality service starting at the production, up to delivery for the final consumer by performing the wholesale of electrical energy produced at the energy plants within the body of GÜRİŞ HOLDING, of which are all renewable energy sources.

BORDO ENERGY is established within the frame of the Electric Market Law numbered 6446, which proceeds its activities with the License number ETS/2132-16/1501 granted by EPDK, and a wholesale company registered to PMUM. Within this extent, BORDO ENERGY, administers purchases, sales, exports and imports of electrical energy. BORDO ENERGY attains its electrical energy only from the energy plants using renewable energy sources on behalf of our company quality policy because we believe that it is our duty and responsibility to transfer our country`s resources to the upcoming generations.